infinite possibilities

infinite possibilities

There is still a sleeping beauty on your skin.
Wake up from sleep with the ingredients and techniques that we have carefully selected to awaken that beauty.
Maximize "infinite possibilities".

-Towards a more beautiful and better future-


Bevernal Night Cream X

[World's first combination]

Contains 38 types of carefully selected highly moisturizing whitening ingredients and resveratrol dimethyl ether born from the latest original technology. A night cream that makes it possible to thoroughly approach skin problems that are worrisome as you get older. With this one, you can worry about your skin.

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Professor Emeritus Hiroki Hamada, Okayama University of Science

The active ingredient contained in the product has been jointly developed and patented by Mr. Hamada, an emeritus professor at Okayama University of Science, and CDW Life Sciences as the world's first raw material.

What is resveratrol dimethyl ether (* 1)

In order to answer your skin problems such as fine wrinkles (* 2), nasolabial folds, and dullness, we thoroughly analyze cosmetics containing popular polyphenols and pterostilbene (Pterostilbene), which is a new polyphenol component for your skin. Formulation name: Resveratrol dimethyl ether) has been researched over several years to make it easier to penetrate (* 3) into the skin, and it is now delivered to everyone.

Pterostilbene quickly penetrates your skin, leading to moisturized, peen and firm skin.

* 1 Combined as a skin conditioning ingredient, moisturizing ingredient, and emollient ingredient

* 2 Fine wrinkles due to drying

* 3 Up to the stratum corneum

Voice of the developer

The development of this Bevernal cream, which started in earnest from the activities of a long-term college student intern, has overcome trials and errors, and with our thoughts, we are finally able to deliver it to everyone.
We would like to thank everyone who cooperated in the development and sales, the users we will meet, and all the encounters, and we will continue to provide the brands and products that are loved.

How to use

  • ご使用方法STEP1

    STEP 1

    After washing your face and conditioning your skin with lotion, etc.

    Apply to the entire skin.

  • ご使用方法STEP2

    STEP 2

    Please use it again on the part you care about, such as fine wrinkles due to drying.

- customer's voice -


"Realize the chewy elasticity"
It has a smooth texture, but
Immediately after using it, my skin became bright and chewy.

"Feeling that the skin is fluffy and lifted"
I heard that it is an original ingredient
I thought that the effect could be expected.
When actually used, the skin becomes fluffy and the makeup feels better with unprecedented penetrating power.

"It's easy to continue with this one"
Immediately after use, I didn't care about the age around my eyes and mouth. I like this cream because it's completed with just one cream, so it's easy to continue with care without any hassle.

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